Tandem Trolley For AgraMover Ulysses


This item is the Tandem Trolley Kit.

It’s a non motorized trolley that rides on your Ulysses carrier system for adding more rows of up to 6 lamps each. Yes, you can even end for end additional tracks, and cover very large areas with a single system.

In the photos, you’ll see a picture of the Ulysses and a drawing of how the Tandem Trolley device works. You can add up to 6 kits, each carrying 6 lamps, and power it with a single Ulysses motorized carrier. End for end rails, and cover up to a 20′ grow room.

Who else offers such versatility, and such an expansive area for you serious growers out there?

Each Tandem Trolley Kit comes with:

A Tandem Trolley.


A non-motorized Tandem Trolley.  Allows more lights to be moved with only a single Ulysses.

Additional Information

Weight9 lbs
Dimensions102 x 8 x 8 in


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