The History of AgraMover

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AgraMover History

Our history began over two decades ago, our founder Jerry was in the automation business designing and building equipment for the automotive plastics industry. One of the jobs his shop received was the building of a glue applicator for adhering felt to insulate the rear package tray from the noise of the trunk on a Dodge Neon.

He designed an actuator using a standard strut channel and a motorized trolley that traversed it. When one of his toolmakers walked by and said “that would make a perfect light mover” Jerry was stunned. He didn’t even know what a light mover was, much less what it was used for.

That original design inspired what ultimately became the first generation of AgraMovers which turned out to be the strongest most durable light mover in its class (traction wheel linear movers). The beauty of that initial model was that because it had been originally designed as a free standing industrial application, therefore rigidity and weight capacity had already been factored in.

After comparison with the products that were on the market at the time, it was a clear winner. For one, the track of an AgraMover is a 1-5/8 square strut channel, a standard commercial framing and building material that (with standard brackets and accessories) can be assembled into just about anything from a workbench to a building. It does not have to be screwed ceiling twice every five inches to be rigid (but the competition’s does). A 250# man could place a 1-5/8 square strut channel between two step ladders 6 feet apart and do chin ups on it.

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Also while Jerry was in the tool & die business, he and US Farathane prototyped the very first urethane roller blade wheels. The technology he learned from that experience he recently applied to the spindle drive rollers in our Linear line of movers.

The result was a superior traction wheel. You won’t find an AgraMover stalled in the middle of the night because an O ring traction wheel suddenly decided to break without warning.

We have been enjoying the fact that not only do we manufacture the small hand held linear movers that competes with the other brands (0n quality) but we’re the ONLY manufacturer in the world that provides large light moving systems that can not only illuminate entire warehouses, but can carry weights that any other manufacturer can’t even imagine.

That’s why we get many custom orders, and it’s custom orders that has driven the ever expanding products.


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