Hercules II

Hercules II System

They’re for carrying more lamps over a much wider area (up to 20′) than is possible with monorail type systems. It’s a bridge type light mover that employs two parallel rails that are 4′ (1.2M) apart. A trolley rides in both rails that are connected together by a bridge.

That bridge assembly is motorized and power is transferred to both rails in synchronous motion by a torque shaft with racks and pinions on each rail. (See photos)

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Who Might Buy A Hercules II?

If your grow area is small enough that you can cover it with only one or two lamps, then you probably would be further ahead buying one or two monorail systems like an AgraMover Plus. If your area is large enough that you require 3 or more lamps, and/or your lamps are the heavy air cooled types, a bridge type like the Hercules II might be for you. (See sketches in photos)


What’s The Difference Between The Original Hercules And The Hercules II?

There were three things that were achieved in designing the Hercules II: 1) The Hercules II is much easier to install, especially if you’re performing the installation by yourself; 2) The Hercules II can now ship in much smaller lighter weight cartons than was possible with the original Hercules which saves you, the customer, on shipping costs, and; 3) It was possible, through structural failures, poor installation, or misadjustment, for the original Hercules to derail. The new design makes this virtually impossible.


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