AgraMover 4′ Blank Rail Extensions For A Hercules


If you don’t own a Hercules, don’t buy this item!

You’re welcome to view it anyway just to see how you can expand a Hercules system to double, triple, and even quadruple the size of your grow area if you’re thinking of buying one.


THIS ITEM is a pair of 4′ rails that you can mount a Hercules Tandem Trolley (sold separately) on and tow it with your Hercules Light Mover.

“Blank” meaning NO GEAR TEETH, but you can use them for adding Tandem Trolleys to your Hercules.

The Hercules System is for a maximum of 4 lamps per carrier. It’s ideal for rigging up air cooled lamp systems, and ducting them in series.

If you wish to move more than 4 lamps per carrier, see the Ulysses System.

In picture 2, what you see is a triple carrier system. When this installation was completed, it carried 3 sets of 4 lamps each, illuminating an area 20′ wide by 30′ long.

We snapped the picture with just 3 air cooled lamps on the master carrier to show how they mount.

This system is for mad scientists who have expansion to a very large growing facility in mind.

Picture 3 is a drawing showing what actually comes with this kit. (Two Rails)

Additional Information

Weight10 lbs
Dimensions48 x 3 x 3 in
Rail Extension Length

“4” “6” “8”


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