AgraMover Applications

agraMover-applications Img

agraMover-applications Img

Here’s a job we recently completed, it was for moving lights over the pool at The Toronto Aquatic Sports Center.

When the architects that were designing the Pan Am Aquatic Sports Center in Toronto Canada, they approached us about designing a system so they could move the lights over the huge pool to a cat walk.

*The idea is to enable their crews to change bulbs from the catwalk without having to rig up scaffolding etc.*

Since AgraMovers run on strut channels, we were able to come up with a system that could do the job and could be easily adapted to their structure with standard fittings and procedures.

Many colleges and universities have employed our systems into their greenhouses and indoor warehouse growing facilities. The University of Minnesota that wrote the textbook for self contained ecological system has not only used our systems, but based a study on them.



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