Tandem Trolley For An AgraMover Hercules Light Mover


The HERCULES is the ONLY light mover specifically designed for hauling multiple lamps in rectangular grow-rooms!

For you growers who have been inquiring about multiple lamp mounting bars moving in synchronization with your motorized Hercules, we are pleased to now offer the Tandem Trolley Kit.


This item is the Tandem Trolley Kit.


It’s a non motorized trolley that rides on your Hercules carrier system for adding more rows of up to 4 lamps each. Yes, you can even end for end additional tracks, and cover very large areas with a single system.

In the photos, you’ll see a picture of the Hercules and a drawing of how the Tandem Trolley device works. You can add up to four kits, each carrying 4 lamps, and power it with a single Hercules motorized carrier. End for end rails, and cover up to a 20′ grow room.

Who else offers such versatility, and such an expansive area for you serious growers out there?

Each Tandem Trolley Kit comes with:

Lamp mounting hardware for 4 lamps

Connection links up to 4′ in length.

(If other sizes are desired, contact me about that)

Additional Information

Weight16.0 lbs
Dimensions49 x 6 x 6 in


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