AgraMover Standard Linear Light Mover


The AgraMover Standard light mover is built with a 30 second pause at the end of each stroke, or it can be an immediate reversal with no dwell. The Plus and the Standard Linear Light Movers are mechanically identical. The only difference is the Plus has an adjustable timer, the Standard has a fixed timer (non-adjustable). The Econo does not come with a timer at all.


This is the midrange priced mover of Linear line that comes with an outlet, and a built in (non-adjustable) 30 second timer. If you want your mover to pause at each end of the track before reversing direction, simply press the red button on the unit to engage this feature.

Comes with a 120 VAC outlet for plugging in accessories such as fans and is constructed from aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, and durable thermoplastic.

These units are completely rebuildable and can provide you with many years of service. They come with Nidec (Hurst) PA gearmotors, the best and most powerful offered on any linear mover on the market. They come with standard with a 4 RPM motor (for 16″ per minute travel).

2 RPM versions are available for special order as well as 6 RPM. Please contact us for special pricing and lead times. Priced without Strut Channel (track)




If you do not need the extra features of an outlet and timer, see “EconoMover” in our store and save yourself some money.


If you would prefer a 5 second to 2 minute adjustable timer, see “AgraMover Plus” in our store.

Available in 4 RPM (Standard), 2 or 6 RPM versions are also available for an additional charge. Call or email for availability and price.


You may need a power converter for 220 VAC to 110 VAC. A small, inexpensive one is fine because AgraMovers only draw .6 watts of power.


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